ERSA Hybrid Rework System - Data Sheet

Safe  IR  &  Hot  Air  Combined  –  The  Hybrid Rework  Revolution  Getting  the  Best  of  Both Worlds!

The  new  HR  100A  uses  ERSA’s  revolutionary Hybrid  Rework  Technology  (patent  pending)  for the  safest  removal  and  replacement  of   small SMDs in a lead free environment! Safe, medium wave IR- radiation combined with a gentle hot air stream guarantees optimal energy transfer to the component.

The Hybrid Tool delivers smooth and homogeneous heat to lead free components siz- ing from 0201s to 20 x 20 mm SMDs.

Exchangeable  Hybrid  Adaptors  focus  200  W  of hybrid  heating  power  onto  the  component  while protecting neighboring areas from heat damage.

The  user  friendly  operation  allows  for  even  non experienced  operators  to  handle  the  HR  100  A safely and quickly.

Advanced operators using the HR/IRHP 100A complete system can not only set air volume and heating power, but they can also run & record profiles!

The  ergonomically  designed  Hybrid  Tool  handle contains a positioning laser which helps the operator  to  focus  the  heat  precisely  throughout  the entire  process.  With  the  ERSA  VacPen  attached to  the  basic  unit,  safe  component  handling  is ensured.

Via  the  Mini-USB  port,  the  HR  100A  can  be connected  to  ERSA’s  top  of   the  line  and  well established rework software, ERSA IRSoft. IRSoft provides multiple functions to operate the system, set and store process parameters and document all soldering or desoldering results.

The HR 100 A has been designed to be used with the IRHP 100A, an 800 W IR-heating plate. This complete set provides powerful & safe IR bottom side heating as well as a Z-axis tool stand for the Hybrid Tool and an x-y PCB board holder. The K-type thermocouple included monitors PCB temperature and even allows for a closed loop soldering processes with ramp profiles.

The HR/IRHP 100A set fulfils all needs of a modern Rework System: provides highest flexibility at the lowest cost!