ERSA Clean Air – powerful, quiet, efficient and intelligent fume extraction system

ERSA Clean Air – powerful, quiet, efficient and intelligent

The intelligent filter unit ERSA Easy Arm Extraction EA 110 plus i is a compact and powerful system to efficiently clean soldering process air at the workbench. Combined with up to two i-CON C or i-CON2 C soldering stations, connected with an interface cable, this filter system opens up a completely new dimension of intelligent solder fume filtration. The extraction unit is only working while at least one of the attached soldering stations is in operation. Do both i-CON units rest in the “standby” mode, the EA 110 plus i will automatically switch off.
Filter usage times are increasing, energy costs and operation noise level will be significantly reduced to a minimum.
Due to its variable power control and high suction power, the unit can extract solder fume from up to two workbenches. The variable and easy to change mounting of the unit allows usage in any industrial environment The solder fume filtration follows two stages: First a
particle filter separates even floating particles from the process air. In the gas filter activated carbon absorbs harmful gas molecules. A powerful blower guarantees a constant suction power during the entire filter life time. Filtration efficiently is controlled by a time control (filter life time) and by measurement of the suction power. A necessary filter exchange is indicated by optical and acoustical signals. If the filter is clogged completely the unit switches off automatically. Filter exchange is very easy to handle by only lifting the units lid, changing the filter box and closing the system again. Different suction nozzles are available for various working conditions. Each suction nozzle can easily be attached to the flexible suction arm enabling the user to adapt the EA 110 plus i to any new working conditions within seconds. A very low noise level is another feature of this filter unit. Silent operation in a robust metallic case allows running the system in basically all industrial surroundings from electronic production to testing floor and laboratories